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Registration of the film

Read the instructions carefully please.

Instructions for registration

Kraťasy is the international festival of short films which is trying to connect the the work of movie makers with the public. For that reason, we are preferring the attendance of authors directly druring this event. There is no determination or restriction of genre and category, so you can register all kinds of short films.

7. july 2018, 24:00 is the deadline for registrations.

Registrations after deadline will not be taken.

Conditions of registration

  1. Author of the film have to fill in the form. All required information has to be filled in. Registration fee is 100 CZK (4 eur app). Without this registration fee won't be able to accept your movie.
  2. Films mustn´t be longer than 30 minutes. (Longer films are available only with organizers exception)
  3. Film is in MOV (or MP4), h.263, 1080p (720p is also allowed, but not smaller)
  4. All screen ratios are allowed (4:3, 16:9, cinemascope…)
  5. Author of the film is responsible for attaching .srt file with English or Czech subtitles. Subtitles have to be correctly timed and named in this order:
    • Name of the film_author_genre (document, fiction, animated, clip…)
    • For example: Interstelar_Christopher_Nolan_fiction.srt
    • Guide for creating .srt file: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7410wF49qKs
  6. Film will be delivered via internet storage sites with all documents required. The URL of the file have to be filled in the form.
  7. Name of file:
    • Name of the film_author_genre (document, fiction, animated, clip,…)
    • For example: Interstelar_Christopher_Nolan_fiction
  8. The teaser has to be available to watch online. Author is giving permission to public presentation of the teaser.
  9. Author confirms that film is in order with all copyrights rules.
  10. Author and the owner of copyright is giving a permission to organizers of the festival KRAŤASY for using the film for festival purposes.
  11. The high-quality content and the visual of the film will be the main criteriums in selection process. The promised attendance of author or people who had taken part in production will be taken to consideration as positive aspect in case of indefinite evaluation in selection process.
  12. With the decision of registration author agrees with all terms of conditions of the festival.

Registration form



Category of the film

Festival attendance

Conditions of registration

The film will be properly registered on the grounds of a successfull payment of the admission fee. In case of non-implemented transaction, the film will be removed from the database.