festival of short filmsCZ

About festival

There aren’t many opportunities to watch really good short films. We are giving you the chance to see them at 7 - 9 September in Pelhřimov!

Short but intense!

Kraťasy is an international multi-genre festival of short films. You can watch wide spectrum of films in short time and enjoy the atmosphere of the event. Festival is focused on connection between filming industry and public. Every author of projected film has opportunity to to give a presentation of his work, attitude and give many interesting information to audience.

Every author could be the part of the festival. The only limit is the length of his film which should not be longer than 30 minutes. The final range of presented films will be the result of the selection. The judges will be choosing the range of best registered films. The schedule of the festival will be made of films of final choice. Authors of these films will be invited to present their work.


Films will be awarded in three main categories. The first award will be given by jury. The second award will be the price of the public. All visitors of the event can vote for the best film from their point of view. And the third but not last award will be given by the city of Pelhřimov.

The Awarded authors could look forward for original festival trophy and more valuable prizes. For example, vouchers for renting professional filming equipment and more goods from filming industry. All prizes came from official sponsors and partners of the festival.

The Jury

The jury is every year compounded of professionals. Heterogeneity of judges is desired in order to reduce subjectivity in valuations. There are historians, critics, directors, cameramans, documentary makers, actors, screenwriters and etc. in the jury. We don´t forget to public voice, so even you can be the part of the jury. All you have to do is fill in the short quiz.